Nyehyrst Sadie of Tyneside JD, CGC

Nyehyrst Sadie of Tyneside

Nyehyrst Sadie of Tyneside DJ, CGC aka Sadie, was the first curly of Tyneside. She came to us from John and Daria Heyn in northern Wisconsin.

Sadie was the first curly that Clark had ever met. Her flight was delayed and she arrived at 2 am. When we opened the crate it was absolutely love at first sight. She was big and black and covered it soft fuzzy curls.

As a young puppy Victor groomed her public service and began scent training. By the time Sadie had turned 5 months old she was already reliable at detecting blood glucose levels. At 7 months old, Sadie was already accompanying Clark to work and on errands and performing all the required tasks of a full service animal.

Nyehyrst Sadie of Tyneside DJ, CGC currently has both her major wins in the show ring and has never been out of the ribbons at the 3 National Specialty Shows she has attended. She won her sweepstakes class the very first year. She has 16 major win reserve placements including numerous times where she beat over 10 bitches to get it.

At three years old Sadie was bred to Ch. Stormacre Take A Bow, CGC. This breeding produced our girl Tyneside’s Sweet Little Lies – Liza.

Sadie is an avid swimmer and retriever. We look forward to working more with her in the field environment and at dock diving.


Curly Coated Retriever Pedigree Nyehyrst Sade Of Tyneside

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