February 7, 2018
Our boy Daryl has arrived safe and sound from England after a 34 hour journey via Frankfurt which wrecked us all with 2 days of intense worry.
He was happy to be released from his shipping container although a bit frightened by the planes overhead and semi trailers moving in and out of the cargo ramps. As soon as his container was loaded and he was walked a bit he hopped in the van and walked directly to clark in the drivers seat and planted a big ol kiss of appreciation on him. That was it.. He was instantly in clarks heart.
Sadie wants no part of his hanky panky ideas but was delighted to zoomie play a bit with him in the yard this morning. He seems no worse for the wear but seems quite exhausted today.
I wont require anything at all of him for a couple days at least until he is rested and better acclimated.
To say that i am in love is an understatement.
He totally owns us.