GCH CH Tyneside’s Queen of Hearts

Ch. Tyneside’s Queen of Hearts, aka Fury, was our pick liver Curly Coated Retriever from the Heart litter. In the story of Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts was described as “in a Fury”, thus her call name.

Fury truly is the Queen of Hearts. She is everything you could possibly want in a curly. She has beautifully correct conformation and breed type with clean and elegant movement. She is continually happy and friendly towards everyone she meets.

Fury went to live with Zack and Kari Holcolm in Wisconsin when she was was about 8 months old. There she has children to love on and safe water to swim in.

Fury (GCH CH Tyneside’s Queen of Hearts) began her show career in January 2020 with back-to-back 5 point majors her first weekend shown. She finished her AKC championship post-COVID in the Fall of 2020 after just three total weekends and with three majors. She earned her first grand champion points with champions defeated as a move-up special. To start 2021 and in her first three weekends entered as a champion, Fury earned six Best of Breed awards and two regular Sporting group placements. Since beginning her specials career in February, Fury quickly earned her Grand Champion title and is more than halfway to her Grand Champion Bronze title while sticking fairly close to home and with limited entries of other curlies in competition. She has also earned herself a Top 10 ranking in both Breed and All-Breed standings while receiving compliments from breeders, exhibitors, and judges about her correct coat, moderation, and breed type.

Fury is professionally and exquisitely handled by Kelly Shur and Grace Kofron.

Fury has also entered the performance world landing as the #6 FastCAT Curly through August 2021, averaging over 22 mph in her first four FastCAT runs between running lefthanded circles in the show ring!

We are expecting great things to come with Fury in 2021.