About Tyneside Curly Coated Retrievers

Hello, we are Victor Hewer and Clark Hale, the owners of Tyneside Curly Coated Retrievers.   We are considered the new guys to the curly breed although Vic had and bred other sporting breeds in his youth. We started with our first curly in 2014.  Our lines come from generations of  dogs that are well known from very established breeders in the USA and in England. Tyneside is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of this very unique and very wonderful breed. We are focused on preservation of the breed as multi purpose dogs worthy of AKC Champion/Show and Field competition. Our goal will always be to produce sound puppies that conform to the breed standard, with natural working instincts, ease of training and the proper curly coated retrievers temperament.

Tyneside Curly Coated Retrievers

In February 2018 we were honored to import on loan from England,  3 year old Ch Stormacre Take A Bow. Daryl as he is called, is a fifth generation bred Stormacre dog. Tyneside is the first, in the history of Curly Coated Retrievers, to import a high quality,  proven stud dog on loan, to be shown and bred in the USA. He is currently the only dog in Great Britain with an American Show Championship.

Our curlies are our life. We continue to be amazed at just how wonderful life can be with a curl coated retriever, or two, or more. Our love affair grows deeper every day.