Tyneside Curly Coated Retriever Puppies

Thank you for your interest in Tyneside Curly Coated Retriever puppies. We do our very best to breed beautiful, healthy, outstanding puppies, putting a lot of love, time and socialization into each and every one of them. Therefore, we are very conscientious and selective about who we allow to own them, and who becomes a part of the Tyneside family for the next, hopefully, 12 to 15 years.

Tyneside Curly Coated Retriever puppies come microchipped along with a health guarantee and lifetime contract of return. We do all parental health clearances but sometimes mother nature does not care. Provided that you adhere to our required method of care, we will replace your puppy if at the appropriate age of testing, it does not pass the minimal hip, eye and heart clearances. We also require your agreement that the dog can never be given, sold or re homed without our permission and/or first right of refusal. We feel a deep responsibility to each and every curly coat that we produce. Therefore at any time, for any reason, at any stage of the dogs life, it may be returned to us.

If you would like to be considered for one of our Curly Coated Retriever puppies, please fill out our puppy application. This will give us a better idea about your suitability for a curly coat from Tyneside Curlies.



Cymro And Candy

GCHS Sun Devil King of the Crossroads and Can CH. CFC CH. Sun Devil Heat Wave at Mystcurl

PUPPIES DUE MAY, 30th 2019


Cymru’s health clearances can be found HERE



Candy’s health clearances can be found HERE

All puppies come with a health guarantee and lifetime contract of return. Review it HERE

Thank you for visiting our puppy page. If you would like to be considered for a puppy or if you have questions please feel free to contact us.

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