Supra, The Ultimate Apprentice

Sadie was busy and Supra went out to have coffee on the porch as we do every morning. The neighbor across the side street was leaving to go somewhere. In the absence of Sadie, Supra oversaw his every move. Sadie would be very proud of her student.

Supra curly coated retriever


Sadie’s First Day in Florida

Fell in Pool the First Day Here

Fell in Pool the First Day Here

We had waited for over a year and then it was too hot to fly Sadie into South Florida so we waited another week. Finally the call came, she was being shipped that morning. After a flight delay of several hours in Chicago, she arrived at the airport at 2 am. She was scared and confused after a flight delay she had been locked in her crate for 10 hours. We brought our whimpering puppy home, let her piddle and then back into her crate for the remainder of the evening. 3 hours later, at 6 am I heard her stir and lept from the bed to let her out. She piddled again and then began to explore her new environment. She walked directly over the side and into the pool. I grabbed her by the collar and led her to the stairs where she climbed out, shook off and headed for cover. Our poor little baby.