Happy National Brown Dog Day

Liver boy Dillon and all of us at Tyneside Curlies wish all the brown dogs a…

Happy National Black Dog Day!

On behalf of Tyneside Curlies, Bella and Liza would like to wish everyone a great National…

Brothers Atom and Uno

The curly coated retriever boys enjoying their last bit of time together. Uno ( Tyneside’s Once…

Happy Birthday to The Love and Romance Litter

It is hard to believe that the love and romance kids are one year old today.We…

The Tyneside Team

Just a candid shot of the Tyneside Team of Curly Coated Retrievers

Chillin Dillon

Young Dillon is just chillin and enjoying the ride. Be like Dillon.

The Sisters Curl

Sadie and Supra are thick as thieves. it is amazing the bond that they have.