About Tyneside Curly Coated Retrievers

11701112_1450825295213556_5859824405206503524_nTyneside is a small hobby operation ran by Victor Hewer and Clark Hale in the South and Kari Schnulle in the North. Tyneside is dedicated to improving this very special breed. We breed for multi purpose dogs worthy of AKC Champion/Show and Field competition. Our goal will always be to produce sound puppies that conform to the breed standard, with natural working instincts, ease of training and the proper curly temperaments.

Victor grew up with dogs. He got his first show dog at age 16. A Labrador Retriever named Dixie. She was an outstanding dog in both the show ring and the field. Eventually he married and moved to the country where he could have several more show and hunting dogs, including a Best in Show stud dog.  When the Gulf War broke out in 1990 Victor joined the Army, sold the farm, and dispersed of his dogs. Following his return from the military he got a divorce, came out as gay and immersed himself in being a single guy without the responsibility of dog ownership.

When Victor and Clark got together Victor decided it was time to return to the love of his younger years and purchase another show dog. While Labradors will always have a fond place in his heart, he longed for the elusive breed he had seen only a handful of times at various shows when he was young, the Curly Coated Retriever.

After a month of research Victor began calling breeders and making inquiries. He knew that it would take his old history and knowledge to convince a breeder to relinquish a top quality show bitch. After 6 months of inquiries and discussions it was agreed that they would purchase a puppy from John and Daria Heyn of the Nyehyrst Kennel in Wisconsin. A year later, in June of 2015 a bouncy, bold, 8 week, 15 pound curly girly named Sadie, (Nyehyrst Sadie of Tyneside), arrived, and their deep love affair with the breed began. .

Sadie was more than they could have ever dreamed imaginable. She was a dream puppy, never chewing a single household or personal item. She accompanied them everywhere and was a natural at behaving properly in public and avoiding people unless she had reason to befriend them. At 5 months of age, she was trained to detect Clark’s blood glucose and to alert him of highs and lows associated with his brutal Type 1 diabetes. Sadie continues to be Clark’s service dog and is a crucial part of his daily safety and well being.

At 7 months she entered the show ring and took reserve winners bitch to a four point major and winners bitch at the prestigious Eukenuba dog show in Orlando Florida. They are waiting for her to grow and mature so she can continue a very promising show career.

In July of 2016 a 7 month old curly girl named Supra (Sun Devil Waiting For The Next Surprise), joined the house and Tyneside was officially back.
In 2018 we imported a male (Daryl), from Stormacre Kennels in England on loan to Tyneside. Daryl provided us with 3 beautiful litters and will return home in the fall of 2019.

In June of 2019 we partnered with Kari Schnulle to become Tyneside North. We now have two locations and double the resources to make out breeding program more successful.

Our curlies are our life now. We continue to be amazed and to learn from them just how wonderful life can be with a curly, or two, or more can be with them in your life. Our love affair grows more every day. We are truly blessed.

Sadie at 15 Months

Sadie at 15 Months